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    Get Ready for VACAY MODE!

    Get Ready for VACAY MODE!

    "I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list."


      You are counting down the days until your next vacation.
    Calendar on Apple iOS 10.3.
    Isn't it time for you to pack your stuff and enjoy your getaway vacation ?
    Briefcase on Apple iOS 10.3
    Here are some ultimate outfit inspiration for your VACAY MODE
    Don't you have to be comfortable for long journey? 
    Denim is the key! Key on Apple iOS 10.3
    Long, Midi, Short, or it doesn't matter as long as it is casual! 
    Match it with simple top - any color, any length, any design, literally anything! 
    One Piece for the winners! 
    Jumpsuits or Rompers
    So easy to wear, so easy to match and so easy to survive from hot days.
    Sometimes it doesn't hurt to try something sexy (cutouts, plunging necklines, mini length, etc). 
    Kissing Face on Apple iOS 10.3
    Maxi is not long enough to spend your summer days
    You might think 'if it covers everything, doesn't it make you warmer?'
    Not Necessarily. 
    Underwear is optional. Baby bump friendly. Hide those hairy legs. Easy and Comfortable.
    As the wind blows, you make those flowy silhouette. SO CUTE! 
    Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes on Apple iOS 10.3
    Don't forget to follow the trends - STRIPES CRUSH! 

     Did you know vertical stripes make you look skinnier and taller?

    Just like models.


    Now it is time for you to have a look our VACAY MODE COLLECTION 

    Backhand Index Pointing Down on Apple iOS 10.3



    Romantic Summer - Take My Soul

    Romantic Summer - Take My Soul

    The Summer breeze takes my soul

    Blame it on the heat. 
    Summer is when romance blossoms. 
    Get ready for romantic summer getaways from daily life.
    - meaning no daily outfits for this hot summer.
    Sun With Face on Apple iOS 10.3

    Open Shoulder ? Off-the-Shoulder? Mesh Shoulder?
    This is the only time we show other that "I worked out enough to show my neckline."
    Cool down your shoulder from heat! 
    Warning on Apple iOS 10.3 Caution - you might get awful tan line from  

    Simple One Color
    Dress or Matching Top and Bottom.
    When it is hard to find matching top or matching bottom?
    Why not same two piece.


    White Out
    Basic & Classic. White color is the one you might want to wear for summer days.
    White reflects light.
    We reflect fashion style.


    Patterns to avoid boredom
    Stripe? Tie-Dye? Floral?
    You will never get bored looking at me because of this cool patterns. 

    Get ready and shop your Romantic Summer Outfits 

    - suggested by us ! 

    Out of Control Fashion

    Out of Control Fashion

    It's about being free and living free. 

    Don't care about what others think about your style.
    It is all 'bout you! 
    Don't Be Afraid 10 Commandments
    1. Don't be afraid to show off some of your skin.
    2. Don't be afraid to try new style on you.
    3. Don't be afraid to leave your comfort zone.
    4. Don't be afraid to be different.
    5. Don't be afraid to follow the trends.
    6. Don't be afraid to have a lot of colors.
    7. Don't be afraid to spend money for you.
    8. Don't be afraid to impress others.
    9. Don't be afraid to express yourself.
    10. Don't copy others.

    Shop your Out of Control Trend Fashion here at edgeLook ! 

    See Through Me - Double Trouble

    See Through Me - Double Trouble

    You noticed that See-throughs are already allover right now.
    As it gets hot and hotter, you need to prepare for SUMMER DAZE
    So I- 
    will be the guidance for you to lead summer fashion, especially see-throughs. 
    So you can see through me ENTIRELY


    Here are some easy ways to wear them!

     1. Basic, but Not Simple

    Wear a  basic bra of the same color of the see-through top.

    (Black, for example in the pictures)

    *Key point with gold necklace, choker, body chain or anything shines inside to attract*

    2. Florals Not Over Yet

    These mesh tops with floral embroideries, crochets and patches are still TRENDY!

    Décor always catches boring fashion.

    *Wear some color that doesn't pop up inside - you can easily go from trendy to trashy*

    3. Little Bit More Open Mesh

    Bigger holes, More eyes on you!

    You already are brave enough to wear see-through. How about even braver? 

    *Caution - It can be more casual by showing more skin*

    4. Double Trouble See-Throughs

    Good memories with your besties (by wearing similar summer styles)

    The outfits should be casual and fun with revealing! 

    *I said SIMILAR, not the SAME*


    So why not seeing through with us? 




    TRENDING NOW - "Distressed"

    There's something special about rocking a distressed clothing trend.
    Because we don't hide anymore,
    We show off by these distressed trends.
    Distressed Jeans, Distressed Jackets, Distressed Tops, Distressed Dresses
    Distressed EVERYWHERE.
    Why is everyone wearing ripped jeans?
    -Because we don't like boring stuff anymore!
    Here are some tips how you can wear them - Bring this to death!
    Because you will never get bored of these style (=

    There are tooooo many types of jeans:

    Bootcut, Boyfriend, Skinny, Slim Fit, Straight Cut, Low-Rise, Mid-Rise, High-Rise, etc.


    There are too many distressed styles:

    It can be ripped on thigh, knee, calf, or anywhere.


    Tops that match to these jeans?

     Simple graphic tees + tanks, bodysuits, crop tops, off-the-shoulder tops, shirts + blouses, jacket/cardigans,...

    Basically anything would look good with denim style.


    Cold legs? But worth it! 


    Now, I GUARANTEE that you have seen these types of styles while you were doing social media. 


    It is not just for Halloween anymore.

    Wear your tights under your jeans for an added layer of warmth.

    "It keeps you feeling warm, but it also keeps you looking cool."


     Lastly, it is time for your distressed top, dress, and jacket. 


    • Distressed Top - simply show off your skin to show your sexiness. Not just for hip-hop anymore, but also for your casualty everyday!
    • Distressed Dress - Kylie Jenner killed it. As summer comes, everything is made to get cool air. Mesh,Distressed, Destroyed and Frayed. One-piece describes everything how cool you are.
    • Distressed Jacket - Camouflage & Denim are the main two. These distressed jacket on top of anything you wear. Vintage has been arrived! 


    Now it is time for you to get distressed! 


    edgeLook will help you right here. 

    Backhand Index Pointing Down on Apple iOS 10.3


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