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    We are always looking for professional, fashionable & outgoing individuals to join our edgeLook team!

    If interested in the position, apply to HC FASHION LLC D/B/A EDGELOOK.  Please send your resume to:

    Monitor consumer trends, choose inventory, designate product costs and ensure that the store has the latest fashion styles in stock; Pay close attention to the types of products offered for sale, how to best present those products to consumers, and determine what is a reasonable retail price for each unit sold; Participate in implementation of the artistic and creative store visual display and merchandising that create a compelling brand experience and positively influence sales; Participate in the product buying and oversee target delivery to ensure availability of products in the store; Engage in a publicity campaign to reach prospective customers such as advertising in local publications; Create marketing plans to increase customer awareness and opportunities to sell products; Forecast fashion trends and analyze fashion key words for new items; Research and develop strategy for upcoming trends and buy trend-right products based on established company strategies; Create, develop and support strategies and plans to maximize sales in the retail environment; Inventory managements. 


    Job Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising or Fashion Design required.

    Rate of Pay: $ 36338.00 Year

    Hours: Permanent Full Time

    Location: Miami Gardens, Florida

    Benefits: Paid Holidays, Vacations, and Sick Leave