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    Meet Jennifer Lee Green

    We Love Jennifer Lee Green!


    • Measurements: Height: 5' 9" | Chest: 33 | Waist: 25 | Hips: 36  

    • What is your background? I am German/Irish. A.K.A as white as white gets. The sun hates me.

    • Your guilty pleasures? Oh man, I would say chocolate and shopping.

    • What do you do when you are not jet-setting or in front of the cameras? travel all over the world when I am not in front of the camera. That, or spending time outside somewhere! 

    • What is your future aspirations? I have so many and I adopt new ones every day. To start, I want to be a beekeeper, to finish my degree (almost there!), and to be a philanthropist. I would also love to be fluent in many languages and to have traveled to 100 countries by the time I hit 30.  

    • What is your Instagram? @khaleesijenny

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